Junko is your guide through the mountains of digital marketing

In the 60s, women were hardly seen on mountain climbing expeditions. “Women would do better to stay at home with the children,” said some; “They are only here looking for a husband,” said others.

The Japanese Junko Tabei (1939–2016) had been considered a frail girl since childhood. Junko, who fell in love with mountain climbing at the age of 10, wanted to start practising the sport seriously after graduating from university, but faced a lot of prejudice in local mountaineering clubs due to her gender and small size.

In 1969, she founded Japan’s first women’s climbing club.

In 1975, she became the first woman to conquer Mount Everest.

Or as Junko herself put it, the thirty-sixth person to conquer Mount Everest.

Junko held firm, broke new records and continued climbing until the end of her life. And most importantly, always stayed focused on challenging herself instead of competing with others.

That’s why we are named Junko: like our role model, we want to consistently work towards our own dreams.

Our task is to act as our customers’ marketing mountain guides.

We ensure that our customers stay on the right track and don’t fall into the ravine of marketing jargon or get caught in an avalanche of hype.

On the other hand, we want to keep our feet firmly on the ground: we don’t have to be the biggest, the finest or the newest. The most important thing is that we do our essential work accurately and with great focus.

To quote Junko:
I don’t understand why men make fun of Mount Everest – it’s just a mountain.